Saturday, July 5, 2014

What's New And What's To Come!

As I receive more inquiries about my products, I am provided the opportunity to know and understand what you all want. I am listening! Because of your input, I am able to make available what you all are interested in purchasing.
I am now offering raw shea butter. Yes! Finally!
I am working to update my listing on the side panel so that you'll be able to purchase directly from my blog. In the meantime, if you're interested in purchasing, then please contact me via email at
More butters will be introduced soon!

Size 12" menstrual/maternity pads will be available really soon. As in "within the next 3 weeks or earlier" soon! With those pads comes new designs to add to your stash.
And with more sizes comes new starter package options!
I am also excited to tell you that I will be stocked with brand new 10" designs. You will also have your pick of bamboo OR charcoal (colored) bamboo.

I will be providing pad alterations. Need extra snaps for security? I will soon be providing these modifications for just $1 extra.
Please be sure to like for updates and facebook only offers. I am at the halfway point of 100 likes. If I reach 50 more likes then I'll host a giveaway. So if you haven't liked already, click the link and press the thumbs up button. Then invite your friends!

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